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Cygnus Enterprises© is an epic base-building action game about an independent contractor who has recently joined Cygnus Enterprises, and is tasked with restoring a derelict outpost on a frontier planet to a thriving colony.
Humanity sought to settle nearby systems. However, these endeavors proved costly and fraught with difficulties. Despite humanity’s best efforts, only a handful of systems were settled. Unable to maintain close communication and trade, each system soon turned inwards, isolating themselves. The settling of new worlds became even more unprofitable and humanity stagnated. Then, one day, a breakthrough from Cygnus Enterprises changed everything.
Cygnus Enterprises, a prominent Centauran megacorporation, sparked a new age with the invention of their Mover ships. Capable of faster-than-light travel, they would ferry smaller ships to new systems across the galaxy; the many worlds of man were reunited, and a new era of space exploration began. New Earth-like planets were discovered and terraformed, with settlers founding vast numbers of outposts on once-distant worlds.
The recent years saw an explosion of disruptive, cutting-edge technologies. While it started with Movers, it was the mind-uploading technology combined with cloning that has truly allowed Cygnus Enterprise to dominate its rivals. Cygnus Enterprises’ employees are now effectively immortal and able to swap bodies at any time, and a cloned ‘disposable’ labor force ensures the success and prosperity of all Cygnus Enterprise facilities.
Once again, new contractors are sought for expeditions to far-away worlds. Are you ready to embark upon a new adventure? Company benefits include access to Cygnus Enterprises’ proprietary cloning technology as well as a dedicated Personal Electronic Assistant droid to assist you in your duties.